Handbook of Sugar Refining

A manual for design and operation of sugar refining facilities 


Chung Chi Chou, Ph. D.

Publisher: John Wiley & Son, Inc., New York,1st Edition, ISBN #0-471-18357-1

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Part I:    Introduction of Sugar Refining

(1) Glossary of Terms and Definitions, Chung Chi Chou

(2) Outline of Refining Processes and Equipments, Chung Chi Chou 

(3) Automation in a Raw Sugar Factory, Robert J. Kwok & Eddy H. Lam

(4)Raw Sugar Storage and Handling, Hsin-Sui Chang

Part II:    Refining Process and Operations

(5) Affination, Thomas N. Pearson

(6) Phosphatation for Turbidity and Color Removal, Richard Riffer

(7) Carbonation for Turbidity and Color Removal, Peter Rein

(8) Granular Carbon Decolorization System, Peter J. Field & Paul Benecke

(9) A Pulse-Bed Granular Carbon Operation, Ju-Hwa Liang

(10) Ion-Exchange Resin Decolorization Process, Denise Bource and Francois Rousset

(11) Filtration Process, Chung Chi Chou

(12) Evaporation Theory and Practices, Willem H. Kampen

(13) White Sugar Boiling and Crystallization, Chung Chi Chou

(14) Centrifugation Operation, G. Clive Grinwood

(15) Refined Sugar Drying, Conditioning and Storage, Dave Meadows

(16) Packaging, Warehousing, and Shipping of Refined Products, Jean-Paul Merle

(17) Remelt and Recovery House Operations, Chung Chi Chou

(18) Application of Membrane Technology in Sugar Manufacturing, Michael

Part III:    Refinery Design and Process Control

(19) Refining Design Criteria, Chung Chi Chou

(20) Process Selection, Richard Riffer

(21) Instrumentation for Process Control, Walter Simoneaux, Sr.

(22) Operational Computers, Ray Burke

(23) Automation of a Sugar Refinery, Naotsugu Mera

(24) Integration of Raw and Refined Sugar Operations, Stephen J. Clarke

(25) Off-Crop Sugar Refining for a Back-End Refinery, Raoul G. R. E. Lionnet

(26) Energy Conservation for Sugar Refining, Joseph C. Tillman, Jr.

(27) Technical Control of Sucrose Loss, Joseph F. Dowling

(28) Microbiological Control in Sugar Manufacturing and Refining, Donal, F. Day

(29) Refinery Maintenance Programs, G. Fawcett, updated by Chung Chi Chou

(30) Environmental Quality Assurance, Chung Chi Chou

Part IV: Specialty Sugar Products

(31) Brown of Soft Sugar, John C. Thompson

(32) Areado Soft Sugar Process, Luis San Miguel Bento and Francisco Carlos Bartolo

(33) Liquid Sugar Production, Leon Anhasier

(34) Microcrystalline Sugar, Chung Chi Chou

Part V: Chemistry of Sugar Refining

(35) Refining Quality of Raw Sugar, Stephen J. Clarke

(36) Nonsugars and Sugar Refining, Richard Riffer

(37) Analysis of Sugar and Molasses, Walter Altenburg

Appendix : Reference Tables

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