VITA of Dr Chung Chi Chou








Dr. Chou was born in Taiwan and received his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from National Chung Kung University in Taiwan.  After working as process engineer/shift superintendent for Taiwan Sugar Corporation, he came to the United States to pursue his graduate study.  He received a doctorate in Physical Chemistry from Baylor University, Texas, USA in 1968, and began his long career at Domino Sugar Corporation, then the largest sugar refiner in the world, as Scientist/Technologist/Manager/director. As the Technical Director during his last nine years at Domino Sugar Corporation, he was responsible for process technologies, including but not limited to process improvement, process development, analytical methods development, and regulatory compliance with respect to product quality.






During his thirty-year tenure at Domino Sugar Corporation, he has developed and implemented numerous new processes and analytical methods for the sugar industry.  In fact about 70 % of new processes and analytical methods currently in use in the world sugar refining industry were directly or indirectly developed under his supervision at Domino Sugar Corporation.






Upon his retirement from SPRI in 2001, He has established and organized Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. (Cti) to serve the world sugar industry with a vision to "revolutionize" the sugar processing technology for the new millennium. Cti, as an international sugar consultant, has served a total of nineteen (21) corporate clients. As the principle scientist/technologist of Dr Chou technologies, Inc. he has continued to do research in cooperation with three research institutes and patented (China) a process to extract antioxidants (a value added product) from sugar cane. The patent in India is still pending. Cti has also developed a Cti process to produce refined sugar from cane sugar mills without Ion exchange process (which is environmentally unfriendly) and without UF membrane system (which has high electricity cost).






       He has received many awards over his career, including the Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc. (SIT)  Meade Award twice, and the prestigious SIT Crystal Award.  He has been a visiting/research professor of South China University of Technology, an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University (USA) between 1993 to 1999, and a lecturer at the Cane Refiner's Institute of Nicholls State University, LA, USA since 1986. For more information, please go to:






Dr. Chou was the President of Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc. (SIT) for the Year 2000-2001, an international technical organization consists of over 100 corporate members, and over 400 individual members from sugar and sugar related industries around the world. 






Dr. Chou is the contributing author/editor of a) 12th edition of Cane Sugar Handbook, b) the 1st edition of Handbook of Sugar Refining, c) Sugar Processing Technologies Theory and practices, and d) a co-contributing author to a chapter of a book entitled Asian Functional Foods. He has published over 65 original papers in the field of sugar and sugar related science and technology.