Non-hazardous Reagent for Polarization


            The wet lead reagent has been used in the sugar industry for over half century for sugar analysis.  However, lead is classified as a hazardous toxic material by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U. S. Government.  Practically all the U. S. sugar companies have eliminated the use of lead since 1993.  The procedure, co-developed by Dr. Chung Chi Chou then at Domino Sugar Corporation and Mr. Altenberg of New York Sugar Trade Laboratory, is approved by ICUMSA; this procedure requires an expensive high wavelength polarimeter.  Other non-lead reagents currently available require preparation with an activator, dusty and unstable with a short shelf life.

            The non-hazardous clarifying reagent XYZ was developed at the Sugar Processing Research Institute, Inc (S. P. R. I.)  The XYZ reagent is (1) both chemically and physically stable during storage; (b) has no detectable effect on solution brix and therefore polarization; (c) is less dusty and environmentally friendly; (d) is less pH sensitive avoiding sugar inversion during the test; and (e) most importantly, has high efficiency in both color and turbidity removal.  The performance of XYZ is compared with those of commercially available non-lead reagents and found to be a better reagents in most respects.

            For full description of the paper, Click Here.

Note: The XYZ Reagent should be on the market by September, 2003.  The details will be posted in this web site when available.


last updated 07/15/03