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  Third Biennial International Conference on Recent development in Sugar technologies, Equipment, and New products introduction and, processing aids  

Organized by :

Dr Chou Technologies, Inc. New York & Austin, Texas, USA

School of Food Science and Engineering, SCUT, China.

ARS, USDA, New Orleans, USA

Dates: September 29 - Oct 1, 2019

Location: Guangzhou, China

Post conference tour: Beijing in consideration



Day 1

  1. Energy management in a Modern sugar refinery

  2. Refinery energy usage improvement from 1 G to 5 G

  3. The role of continuous vacuum pan in minimization of refinery energy usages

  4. Production of refined sugar directly from Sugar mills with no attached refinery

  5. A model VHP sugar refinery

  6. Quantum jump in refinery sugar yield from 97 to 99%

  7. Production of organic fertilizer from sugar mills wastes



Day 2

  1. Conversion of sugar mills excess bagasse into SynFuel

  2. 12 years of sugarcane antioxidant development from Laboratory to commercialization – a case study

  3. Disruptive (Break-through) sugar refinery/mill technologies; A MUST for the 21st century

  4. New products introduction as a profit center

  5. Recent Research and Development programs in the sugar industry





Advanced in equipment/process design and processing aids development

We invite up to five (5) leading vendors to sign up for their presentation for 25 minutes per vendor to present/discuss up to 2 of the listed subjects below:

a) Clarificatin, b) filtration, c) decolorization, d) evaporation, e) crystallization and, f) sugar drying and conditioning g) processing aids