CTi provides on-site training/seminars to help advance sugar technology in the world sugar industry.  The following two day seminar can be arranged for any company, trade association, and/or technical society of the sugar industry around the world:

  1. The sugar industry in a global economy.
  2. Bench-marking for sugar mills, sugar factories and sugar refineries.
  3. Membrane application in the sugar industry.
  4. White sugar production without conventional sulfitation and syrup clarification (SAT process with membrane technology).
  5. Sucrose loss control.
  6. Sucrose yield improvement.
  7. Refining quality of raw sugar.
  8. Sugar factory and refinery automation.
  9. New product development.
  10. Non-hazardous reagent for sugar analysis (XYZ reagent). For further detail, Click Here.
  11. "Break-through" productivity improvement program.
  12. Problem solving session.
  13. Energy Conservation.
  14. Liquid Sugar for the Beverage Industry.
  15. Production of refined sugar from cane sugar mills without sulfitation, ion exchange, and UF membrane processes. For further detail, Click Here.

This seminar program is free of charge for technical society, trade association, educational institution and etc., except to pay for Dr. Chou's travel expense (economic airfare, hotel accommodation and meal etc.)

If you are interested please contact us.

See pictures from previous seminars.



                                                                                                                                    last updated 10/04/2008