Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. USA

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We specialize in the following turnkey systems:

    1) New refinery with VHP raw sugar as input - a green refinery

    2) New refinery attached to a cane sugar mill

    3) Liquid sugar production with VHP raw sugar as input

    4) Design and construction of cane sugar mills with or without attached sugar refinery.

    5) Value added products manufacturing from sugar refineries

    6) Upgrade of Cane Sugar Mills, detail please click : Ugrade of Cane Sugar Factories.PDF

    7) Conversion of all Refinery Molasses into value- added Brownulated sugar

    8) Organic sugar production.

    All of our sugar mills/refineries' designs and engineering are U.S. based technologies, environmentally friendly, and with the lowest possible capital and operating costs. We provide "on site" operating training of new refineries' staff in a modern sugar refinery before start-up.


Dr. Chung Chi Chou, President / Principal Technologist / Engineer

Email:drchouusa@gmail.com    drchouusa@esugartech.com



last updated 10/25/2017